Sunday, March 24, 2013

Many of you know that I am a huge Monster high fan! I simply cannot get enough of these ghouls!! Here are some from my collection!!Here are some from the doll kits put out by Mattel!  Happy Doll Sunday!!!

                                                                   This is my Chilly Bones!! 

                                                              Charlotte Webb

                                                               Bee Hive

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome to Lisa's Doll blogging. I am an avid doll collector of many different dolls. I collect Monster high, Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Dawn dolls, kitchen fairies, Lee Middleton baby dolls, Victorian tassel dolls, and Raggedy Ann and Andy. I have been such a huge fan of dolls all my life. I started back into collecting as an adult with porcelain doll making. I attended a studio and learned to make porcelain dolls. I made baby dolls and toddler style dolls. I got a certificate in modern doll making. I decided to start a blog to feature my doll collections. It is hard to find other adult doll collectors in my area so I thought blogging was the next best thing. My current obsession is Monster high dolls. I not only love collecting them I love the kits and making my own. I secretly yearn to attend a doll club someday in my area to meet other collectors. For now I meet all my doll friends on line. I have done this for many years. I have made the best of friends on line. I love sharing my dolls and taking pictures of them. One might say that I am deeply obsessed with my dolls. LOL. I hope to share lots of my dolls and my life in my blogs. Chow for now!!!